Thursday, 13 March 2008

Blinking into the light.

I have spent 6 hours peering down a microscope today in a darkened room and have just emerged, stumbling slightly and blinking at the brightness. Sadly, this little hat is not big enough to protect me!

It's Adorabubble Knits 'On the Sunny Side' baby sun hat. I knitted it for a friend who's wife and three month old baby are moving to Glasgow from Canada next week. I know a sun hat is a bit optomistic for Glasgow, but it's knitted in heavy DK so it should be pretty warm if needs be.

The yarn is Colinette Banyan in the marble colourway and I only used half a skein on this hat (I made the 1 year old size because my gauge was smaller than needed so it should fit a 4-8 month old). I absolutely loved knitting this and might have to make another for friends of the Resident Radiologist.

Incidentally, the RR suceeded in the job interview I mentioned a few posts ago and will be moving back to Glasgow Vet School in July. No more commuting along the M8 - yipeeeee.

Tuesday, 11 March 2008

Unreliable intentions.

...when I made my rules about the sock yarn blanket, I said that I would block as I went along so at the end, all there would be left to do would be sewing up. I promptly failed in that aspiration and accumulated 40-odd more-or-less (often less) squares, all with woven in ends but all in need of a good wet block.

Last week, I had an unexpected day at home while an electrician re-wired our upstairs lighting so I thought I'd bite the bullet and get on with the blocking. I didn't fully anticipate how many times it's possible to kneel on pins and not learn my lesson. This was the more repetitive blocking task I've ever undertaken and it has definitely reinforced my intention to block the rest of the squares as I knit them ( though as I type, I have three more squares lying on my desk, unblocked, so my intentions appear to be pretty unreliable!).

Despite the gathered pullover and an unbloggable project still sitting unfinished in the work pile, I've also cast on another project. It's the 'On the sunny side' baby sun hat by Melanie Hoffman. I'm knitting it in Colinette Banyan, colourway 'Marble', for the daughter of a colleague . It's a really well-written pattern and will probably only take a couple of evenings to knit up.

Monday, 3 March 2008

Still in One Piece.

Well, we're back from skiing, all intact and still ambulatory. In addition to that, the weather was mostly good, the skiing fantastic and we improved our ability to negotiate moguls (on our skis mostly now as opposed to our backs, heads etc). All in all, that makes for a pretty good ski holiday.

The new hat, with added 'pigtails' - which I discovered were necessary for preventing roll in the earflaps, and a soft jersey lining for prevent itchy ears did its job superbly.

Knitting has been a bit on the scarce side since I got back. I've done a few more squares for the blanket but there are only so many 4 inch squares that I can photograph. Instead, here's the finished body for the gathered pullover. This has been blocking on my study floor for about three weeks but is going to be resurrected later this week (or possibly at the weekend - I've got a 24 hour timecourse planned at work on Thursday / Friday and I think I might need all my powers of concentration just to get through it!).