Thursday, 11 April 2013

Delayed Making Monday - Pretty boxes

This post was originally intended as a Making Monday post two weeks ago, but the vagueries of using blogger on a tablet (most notably the inability to move pictures around) put paid to the timeliness of the post.

My knitting has really slowed down lately as we've been kept busy with a renovation project
at home and I just can't seem to summon the necessary enthusiasm for knitting in the evenings.

On the back of the work on the study though, I've been looking closely at our storage, especially for our recently growing collection of kids art and craft stuff.

My sister gave me a stack of sturdy cardboard boxes which all had plain bases but rather blingy lids. I had a go at covering these with maps from an old road atlas that was out of date.

I used pages relating to areas that were either significant to us or where the map itself was particularly pretty.

Since I originally started putting this post together, I've covered a few more boxes. I've discovered that kids shoe boxes are a lovely size for storage of small things and also found a sturdy Neals Yard box worked well.

For these boxes, the paper I used was good quality wrapping paper. The only downside I can see to this spate of box-covering is that it really eats up glue sticks!