Thursday, 14 June 2007

Modelling Dog...

I've been trying to persuade my sister to model the hat and scarf I crocheted for her for ages (...somewhere in the region of 5 months...) and she has consistently held out on me. However, last weekend, while my Dad was stoking up the barbeque (with the aid of heat beads and a blow torch as engineers do...) she graciously volunteered her dog Gus for said modelling task.

He was remarkably sanguine about the whole thing and sat there quite happily while he was wrapped up in the scarf. He even managed to keep the hat on long enough to be photographed (not an easy task when your head is the wrong shape and you've got long dangly ears!).

The only problem was when the resident radiologist passed by and Gus, suspecting that there might be food involved (he lives eternally in hope), turned quickly in the hope of using his huge brown eyes to elicit a treat and knocked the hat off.

Betty is once more underway after a brief hiatus during which I didn't touch the needles for a week. I've only got a few more rows left of the first sleeve cap, then I can start the second sleeve. Unfortunately I feel a bout of second-sleeve-syndrom coming on and am hoping that a bit of tendrils in between times might stave it off.

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