Friday, 28 September 2007

Super-speedy socks

I seem to have fallen off the tank top wagon almost before I'd got started.
I knitted the swatch and before I'd even managed to measure the gauge I was getting, the Koigu in my (currently sonewhat limited) stash had wound itself into balls and cast on for a pair of socks!

Five days later, here they are! They are the fastest pair of socks I've ever knitted - the first was done in two sittings (though some back-to-back matches in the rugby world cup helped that along) and the second in a few evenings. The fact that they were for me and not the resident radiologist helped too - his feet are several inches longer than mine.

I can safely say that the RR is never going to receive a pair of Koigu socks - there just isn't the yardage! I only have average sized feet (UK 6 - US 8) but there was only a metre of yarn left over from each skein after the grafting. Using 3 skeins for a pair of everyday socks would just be too much! Having said that, the Koigu is lovely to knit with and the colours are beautiful - I think that this is colour P313, bought from Get Knitted and these shades will look perfect inside my Crocs for the winter. Some new skeins might just have to find their way into my stash once we've moved house.

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