Wednesday, 23 April 2008


Apologies for the picture - heavy post but they're just too pretty to miss.

These are the highlights from the Glasgow Orchid Fair that the resident radiologist took me to a couple of weekends ago at the beautifully restored Kibble Palace in the grounds of the Botanic Gardens.

Orchids are among my favourite plants, though I only have success with the phalaenopsis species at home. I bought a cymbidium at the fair a couple of years ago which looked great beside all the other specimens but was enormous when I got it home. It eventually had to go on its holidays to my mother who had more space. I have it back now (divided into two smaller plants) and am going to try to coax it into flower this summer.

This last one particularly caught my eye and I was very amused when I saw it's name - Phalaenopsis 'Little Mary' !

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