Monday, 30 June 2008

Knitting has restarted

This must be the worst blogging month I've ever had - only three posts in the whole of June. This partly reflects the (lack of) knitting that has been going on chez Mary - I just totally lost my knitting mojo for the best part of June - and it's only really come back in the last few days.

On the up side, the house has benefitted hugely from the time the loss of mojo freed up and now has a floored loft, a TV aerial in the loft rather than balanced on the cat's scratching tower in the sitting room (where it had to be repositioned to optomize the signal every time the channel was changed!), an outdoor tap (many thanks to my Dad who's pretty nifty with the plumbing tools) and a new fence round the back garden where there used to be a scrappy hedge, an iron fence and some bits of wooden posts. We've also found a salvaged iron fireplace for the dining room which will be fitted when we decorate.

Just before I left for Woolfest last week, I picked up the needles and swatched for the blanket that my sister requested. The pattern is inspired by the Mason Dixon Knitting Mitred Garter Square blanket and the yarn is Jaeger Extra Fine Merino DK which has been discontinued and which was half price on Cucumberpatch.

The project went with me to Woolfest and is knitting up really fast. The yarn flows really well and the needles (Addi lace 4mm circulars) are very comfortable.

I don't have the last colour required for the project (pale pink) as Cucumberpatch didn't have enough in stock so I'm knitting the squares that don't need it, then putting them on holders until I find a yarn to sub in. Any suggestions for reasonably priced DK merino yarns gratefully received!

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Missed your sassy comments while you were away.