Monday, 7 July 2008

Woolfest 2008 and a request.

The Resident Radiologist gallantly escorted me to Woolfest this year and bravely faced the hordes of fibre-mad folk that had flocked to Cockermouth. He also took all the photos so that I could keep my hands free for fondling yarn, samples, fleece etc as the fancy grabbed me.

Obviously there were some fibre-producing animals (though not as many as there were last year):

Walls full of colour that made me happy just to look at them:

There was inspirations - see I'm not the only one who knits sock yarn blankets!

There were rag balls of old cut up blankets that looked very pretty all together, but I don't know what you'd actually do with them.

Finally there were the stalls of the fibre artists who made beautiful objects such as this bag...

And these bowls.

As I've said before, just walking around at woolfest makes me happy. The atmosphere is really great - all those people who love yarn and fibres, and there is colour everywhere. I managed slightly better this year on not going overboard and had a pretty good idea in my head what I was looking for before I went. However, the haul is going to have to wait for another day as this post is a bit picture-heavy already.

We stayed in Keswick for the night and went walking on the Saturday morning - around, then up and over Catbells which gave us stunning views out over Derwent Water.

Finally the request: I'm knitting a blanket for my sister with discontinued Jaeger Extra Fine Merino DK and I'm short of the last colour - shade 982 - rose petal. I tried getting a different yarn but nothing matches properly in terms of colour or texture so I've bought up the odd balls I've found in various stores but I'm still going to be three balls short. Does anyone have any of this yarn that they'd be willing to sell / swap / send? The dye lots aren't going to matter too much as the blocks of colour will be separated from one another and any partial left-over balls would be gratefully received. If anyone does have some yarn that they're willing to part with, please leave a comment and I'll get in touch.

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Pat said...

Hi, I have two balls of this yarn which I can post to you if you want them. Have enjoyed lurking on your blog for some time!