Thursday, 20 August 2009

Dreaming in Colour

Knitting has not been a regular activity for me lately. I don't really know what's happened - I'm usually pretty productive, but I've been knitting the same pair of socks for the resident radiologist for the last month and I've only just turned the heel on the second sock.

I did have a good excuse for one week -

We were enjoying the sights of Paris and Normandy and no knitting accompanied us.

I can't seem to account for the rest of the time though.

Before this hiatus struck, the last thing I finished up was this Shrug by Dream in Colour.

I knitted it using Catalina Alpaca yarn, which is supposed to be aran weight, but is really closer to DK. I adjusted the pattern to allow for this by including an extra repeat of the lace pattern width-wise.

It's been really handy and matches up well with my summer wardrobe.

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