Wednesday, 28 March 2012


Recently, I've found myself only blogging when I have a finished object to show and tell. Today, however, I'm blogging to share the sheer joy of something that took my fancy the other night.

I was sent a small pile of hexipuffs and a Fyberspates BFL sock blank from Shetland via the p/hop group on Ravelry. The hexipuffs went into my pile of the same and I decided to rewind the sock blank into a hank and soak it to remove some of the crimp (it's perfectly possible to knit straight from the blank, but the crimp messes with my tension a bit).

I set up the lovely new swift that I got for Christmas (thanks Mum, Dad and Sis) and ripped out the blank and wound it on (yes, that is a toy tricycle supporting the swift!). Hmm, I thought, there doesn't actually seem to be much crimp (not allowing for the tension the yarn was under on the swift).

Ha! Then I released the tension and took it off and it made me laugh out loud.

The hank pulled in to less than a quarter of its previous diameter and went all crinkly. There was serious crimp in the yarn.

It had a bath and is now drying in the bathroom - I would have put it under tension to straighten it out totally but I couldn't find the hook I normally use to add weight.

I'm planning to knit more hexipuffs from this skein.

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