Monday, 10 December 2007

New home and new socks

Finally, there has been a happy coincidence of good light, a camera and time to use it.

Here are some of my favourite bits of my new home:

This cupboard and window in the sitting room,

The details and cornicing on the ceilings,

The light fitting in the sitting room,

My new yarn storage - two drawers for yarn, two for fabric and two for beading and other supplies,

The bay window in our bedroom,

The stained glass round the front door.

I also managed to photograph my new socks - I'm calling them muted berries as the colour reminds me of a pale version of blueberries and raspberries etc.

They're a modification on my usual pattern but I've kept a 3x1 rib down the leg and over the top of the instep. They fit very well and the yarn, Acaraunia Ranco, is wonderful to knit with.

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Midsummer night's knitter said...

I don't think you are taking your knitting seriously - only TWO drawers for yarn??? ;0)