Wednesday, 14 February 2007

Actual knitting content

I had hoped to be able to post some photos of my WIPs and recent FOs today but when I went to get that miracle of modern technology, my digital camera, I couldn't find it and realised that I hadn't seen it since my husband downloaded some photos from it in November or December. Eeeek! At least that means that it should be in the house, but in our house, that isn't too reassuring.

Instead, I present some FO's from my archive:

My adaptation on the leftovers sleeveless pullover by Alison Hansel. The pattern was written to use up leftovers of yarn, therefore getting stripes, but I had some Noro silk garden in my stash that I was desperate to knit up so I used it, with some Jamieson's Shetland Chunky for the bands. I knit it flat as I wasn't sure how the Noro would look in narrower stripes if I knit it in the round. Now, having seen this, I think it would have looked just fine! This pullover looks great with a white shirt undeneath, but is really really warm and rather lacking in waist shaping (I can never resist the urge to fiddle with patterns, and this is one I wish I'd left as it was!).

This is the first pair of socks I ever knitted. Since knitting these socks, I have become somewhat addicted and knit a pair every month or two. The resident radiologist is hard on socks and tends to get through a cotton pair in fewer that 10 wearings but woollen socks seem to foil his sock destroying tendencies. These are knitted in Lana Grossa fun and stripes with the toes in 4ply merino (the RR's feet are UK11, and he likes his socks longish in the leg, so a standard ball of sock yarn is never quite enough). As, even at a pair of socks a month, I couldn't supply him with an adequate supply of socks, and since I don't want to spend my knitting time exclusively on socks for him, I also use this fabulous company which sells machine-knitted, hand finished socks...

Off now to search for the missing camera and to get some lovely food from here with which to spoil the resident radiologist this evening. Hope you all have the Valentine's day you want to have...

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