Tuesday, 29 January 2008

A Finished Object...

At the weekend, I finally got the sewing machine out and put the zip into the draught excluder that I knitted ages ago.

After stuffing it looks rather like a snake that's eaten something bigger than it was, a bit lumpy and bumpy, but nevermind, it does cut the draught out.


Yarn - cygnet wool-rich aran (the colour is best in the top photo).
Needles - 3.75mm DPNs
Pattern - start with 6 stitches, increase 6 stitches per round to 90ish, knit for a bit, leaving opening for zip, then decrease and cast off.

This didn't work out as planned. The yarn was meant to felt and it didn't (I guess that wool-rich is not the same thing as wool) so it should have been smaller in diameter and tighter (which would probably have taken care of the over-stuffed snake look).

The gathered pullover is at the vest stage. The body is knitted and the shoulders seamed (three needle bind-off) but the house is just too dusty from the contractors to block it before starting the sleeves (I want to try top-down, set-in sleeves).

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