Wednesday, 23 January 2008

Photos and Gathered Pullover

I finally gave up on the lack of daylight (even at the weekends - it's really been that dreich) and managed some surprisingly decent photos in a dark room with the flash on.

Here are the first batch of squares for the sock yarn blanket...

I know that I've already broken one of my self-imposed rules and not woven all the ends in yet but hey - I always need room for improvement.

I've also got my mjo back for the gathered pullover. Its amazing what a couple of episodes of Grey's Anatomy on DVD can do for extending the length of a tube of stocking stitch. I had been finding this slow going, but miraculously on Monday evening, I added about 5 inches without really noticing. A couple of days later (including waiting in yesterday morning for a contractor to arrive) I'm now over half way through the cable motif.

As usual, I've made some modifications to the pattern as written.

1) I changed the hemline from a rolled edge to a sewn up facing (and I think I did a pretty good job of the sewing up, even if I do say so myself!).
2) I've lengthened the body so that it falls mid-hip on the real (long-backed) me as opposed to the me in my head.

3) I've added some shaping to the body by changing needle size. I started on 5.5mm (pretty much getting gauge), then shifted down through 5mm to 4.5mm for the waist, then back up to 5mm over the rib cage and through the motif. I think it should block out pretty nicely to fit well without hanging off me.

It's the BigKnitOut tonight so I'm hoping to get up to the armhole and v-neck divides.


Midsummer night's knitter said...

I have to own up to feeling a bit smug as I watch the weather forcast for the UK. We are having almost wall-to-wall sunshine in Zurich. And yesterday, when we caught the train to Lugano it was t-shirt weather...

Poshyarns said...

The sock blanket is a brilliant idea, it's going to look great.