Tuesday, 14 April 2009

The Big Blue...

I finished the knitting on my Dad's birthday jumper ages ago - in plenty time for his birthday at the end of February in fact. However, I always had a nagging feeling that the top half wasn't going to be quite right, so I left the lifelines in just in case...

...my nagging feeling turned out to be correct, but in the end the solution didn't require me to resort to frogging to the lifeline (and just as well because this yarn is seriously sticky - a bit like Shetland - and doesn't rip well).

The neck line was way too baggy for Dad. The rest of the jumper actually fitted pretty well (which I was delighted about as it was the first major garment that I've designed myself) but the neck was just too large.

While I was willing to rip and re-knit if necessary, I thought that first I'd try to reknit the neck band a bit tighter. I had to cut out the old band - sticky yarn problems, and instead of picking up a stitch for every row, I picked up two stitches for every three rows and used a slightly smaller needle. I also changed the stitch pattern to 1x1 rib from 2x2 rib, and knitted a facing to the band which I sewed down afterwards.

The effect is quite marked and the fit is much improved. I'm really pleased with the result as while the lifelines were still in, I didn't really feel the jumper was finished and I couldn't move on to a new big project. When the lifelines came out on Sunday after Dad tried it on again, I could heave a huge sigh of relief!

Project details: Yarn - New Lanark 100% Wool Aran.
- colourway = Denim (colour best in top two photos).
- quantity = 8 balls for 56" chest jumper.
Stitch pattern - mistake rib over 4 stitches.
Needles - Addi turbo 4.5mm and 4mm.

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