Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Making the best of the worst

This week promised to be a pretty bad one at work... On Saturday morning, I had to throw two fairly big experiments in the bin as the transfections looked wierd. Then, on Monday morning, when I went to plate out more cells to replace the experiments I'd abandoned, I discovered that the parental cell-line had also died (probably why those transfections looked wierd). While the situation was not un-recoverable (I've got more cells in cold storage, they'll just take a little time to get going), these two problems left me with a big hole in my week where experiments would normally sit, and since we're madly busy at the moment, trying to get results before my boss goes off to Harvard to collaborate with a couple of pretty big names in our field, this is not a good thing.

Now, two days later, I'm appreciating the flip-side... While I'm still going to have to work like a mad thing over the weekend to make up time once the new cells get going, I have some time on my hands now... and a lecture that I've still not written for a honours virology course in three weeks' time. I was planning on checking the reading material (grudgingly) this weekend and then putting the slides together next week, but now I've got time this week to do the reading properly and make the slides, and I'm really enjoying it.

Even better, when I got home yesterday, there was a missed delivery card through the door - so by the time I get to the depot on Saturday morning to collect the extra yarn for the Resident Radiologist's jumper, the lecture will be written and I'll be able to knit in my spare time without the guilt of the unwritten lecture hanging over me.

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