Friday, 8 January 2010

The Final Installment

December saw the final installment of the Old Maiden Aunt Preview Sock Yarn Club. Both previous parcels had been lovely, but with this one, Lilith outdid herself.

First of all, there was the yarn. A merino / cashmere /nylon blend base that feels so soft and lofty. The colourways are 'Derilict Daughter' - the purpley one and 'Seen the Ocean' - the blue one. These are definitely my favourite colours from this club- really vibrant with great depth to them.

Next there was another stitch marker - a seahorse to go with the Seen the Ocean colourway.

Then there were two mini-skein keyrings. The red one is the 'Last Night's Red Dress' colourway and the brown one is the 'Brass Taps and Oak' colourway.

Finally there was a little jute tote bag to put it in...

All in all, a lovely parcel to get just before Christmas.
This year's sock yarn club for me is going to be the Fyberspates Sheila's Sock club, and already I can't wait to see what Jen comes up with...

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