Monday, 11 January 2010


This pattern was a dream to knit - the eight row repeat just kept things ticking over nicely and progress was fast.
Sadly the socks are too big for me - the pattern instructions said that the quilted lattice pattern was pretty inflexible, so I cast on four more stitches than usual and scrupulously made sure that the stitches were well-spaced when working the lattice, but they came out just too loose. Happily, they fit my sister perfectly so she now has a new pair of warm socks for winter.

I modified this pattern fairly drastically so I'll discuss this here rather than in the details section: The pattern is written in a toe-up format with short-row toes and heels. I personally don't mind knitting socks this way, but find that they tend not to fit me very well. I re-wrote as follows for top-down with a heel-flap heel...
Cast on 72 stitches and knitted 2x2 rib for 10 rows. Used quilted lattice stitch pattern as written (for in the round) until leg was desired length. Worked heel-flap over 35 stitches using heel-stitch and turned as usual. Picked up stitches for instep and worked foot in round, but only with quilted lattice stitch (as written for working flat) over top 37 stitches. Did usual decreases back to 72 stitches. Normal toe with kitchener grafting.

The pattern was my adaptation of Leyburn by Pepperknit.
The yarn is Marks and Kattens Fame Trend sock yarn which I brought back as a souvenir from my trip to Uppsala in October.
I used 2.5mm DPN needles throughout.
I modified the pattern as detailed above.

The resident radiologist has indicated that he likes these socks and that the diameter was fine on his foot, so there might be another pair of these in my near future!

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