Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Just in time

Just before we went away to the in-laws for Christmas, I finished the knitting on the Chaton Minet felted cat basket. It was huge, approximatedly 24 inches across when laid flat and very very floppy.


I had a day off work before we left and many loads of laundry to do so I put it in an old pillow case and added it in with the coloured loads. Three 40C cycles later, it was felted nicely and felt really firm so I stretched it over the lid of my big cake carrier to shape and dry.


Within three hours, the cat was in it, and with the really cold weather we've been having every since, she hasn't ventured far from it. It's perfectly Splat-sized (don't ask about the name - it's a vet thing) and makes a great warm bed when positioned in front of the radiator!

Pattern : Chaton Minet by Caroline Dlugy-Hegwer.
Yarn: Icelandic Lopi Roving from Twist Fibre Craft Studio, held double throughout.
Needles: 9mm circulars.
Modifications: None.
Felting: Three 40C cycles in front-loading machine.

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