Monday, 18 February 2013

Little Feet Flannel

Another project for DD, this time because she was so wonderfully generous with something I knitted for her when she was a baby...

As I mentioned in my last post, I've been working on a blanket for the new baby using up my stash of the original Peaches and Creme cotton aran. I have a fairly good amount of this but ran short of light green with a couple of rounds still to go. I seached online and on Ravelry but couldn't source any without stupendous postage from the states and the other greens in my stash just wouldn't work.
Now, before DD was born, I knitted her a blanket and some wash cloths out of this yarn, and one of the cloths was in the green that I was short of. It is her favourite flannel... and despite this, she consented to let me rip it out and use it for the baby's blanket, and then helped me wind it into a little ball.

I offered to knit her a new flannel out of a colour that I had more of to replace the one I'd ripped out and she asked for pink (she's at that age). I ended up using two pinks in broad stripes to make sure I'd have enough.

The pattern is the same as the original - Little Feet Baby Cloth and the colourways are burgundy and shocking pink. The pattern doesn't stand out so well as it did on the original green cloth, but DD likes it (and every time she sees me working on the baby blanket, she points out her flannel in the edge of the green stripe!).

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