Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Lola's Blanket

 DD is a serious fan of Charlie and Lola and was lucky enough to be given a Lola doll by a friend at Christmas. She started putting Lola to bed on the sofa in the evenings under a selection of different 'blankets', so I decided that Lola needed her own special blanket.

DD has been watching me working on a blanket for the new baby recently and admired several of the colours. While the baby blanket itself is still not finished, I've finished with several of the colours involved, so I asked her which colour Lola would like for her blanket. The verdict was light purple and while there wasn't enough of this on its own, I managed to improvise an acceptable blanket.

The yarn is the sadly discontinued original Peaches and Creme cotton aran and I've used the following colourways: Light Grape, Burgundy, Shocking Pink and Rose. The needles were 5mm.

I cast on 30 stitches, and knitted a seed stitch border with a stocking stitch and cable centre panel. 

It has been a great hit with both DD and Lola and Lola rarely gets out of 'bed' these days!

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