Monday, 30 July 2007

Needlecase: Part 2

So once I had my straight needles, crochet hook and stitch holders etc organised, I started wondering how to cope with circular needles.

The solution was almost the same as for the straights, with a bit of an internal redesign so that the pockets faced inwards and there was space for a needle gauge. Each pocket will hold up to three circular needles comfortably (depending on needle size).

The only problem was that this case didn't really roll up very well. Eventually I figured out that the best option was to fold it in half and concertina it, holding it all in place with a loop of elastic round a button as before.

I'm not as pleased with this case as I was with the one for straights, I'm sure with a bit more reworking I could improve the way it folds up and closes, but it works and has been in use ever since I made it.

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