Monday, 2 July 2007

Woolfest 2007

Where to start... well on Friday I took a day's annual leave from work, picked up a friend and drove down to Cockermouth for Woolfest 2007. This was the third annual woofest but the first one I had made it to. This said, I'd heard about the previous ones from enough friends to have a plan of attack.

India said that the first time she walked in, she hyperventilated for about 10 minutes and had blown her budget within a further 10 minutes. To counter this, I took my budget in cash so I couldn't overspend and I made my way round all the stalls with my wallet firmly at the bottom of my bag and only let myself buy things on the second and third rounds.

So what was there?

Well, there were plenty of these,

and these,

and these...

There were even a couple of these,

and some of these...

Then there was even more of this,

and this,and this...
I finally came away with this (having done some shameless advertising for Katherine). Details to follow soon.

As my friend put it, 'We just drove for 6 hours to buy wool didn't we?'

Oh yes...

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