Monday, 29 October 2007

Time flies like an arrow....

...and fruit flies like a banana (as my old PhD supervisor used to say!).

The Resident Radiologist and I celebrated our first wedding anniversary this weekend (though we're not entirely sure where the time has gone) with an overnight stay in Kingussie and dinner at The Cross, a fabulous five star restaurant in a converted mill in the village. It was a very relaxed way to spend the weekend and I can heartily recommend both the B&B where we stayed, and The Cross restaurant, which sources most of its produce locally.

On the way home, we stopped at the Hermitage, off the A9 near Dunkeld for a walk up past Ossian's Hall, up to Ossian's Cave. It was an absolutely beautiful autumn morning with a blue sky and the Black Linn Falls were in full flow.

These are a few of the sights though nothing can really capture the force (or noise) of water flowing from a broadish stretch of river, over falls about 20 feet deep then squeezing through a gap only three feet wide to another broadish stretch on the other side.

The knitting has gone kind of quiet again. I've almost finished another pair of socks for the RR and have cast on in alpaca 4ply for a tank top. The jury is out on the potential sucess of the tank top at the moment, I've done a provisional cast on then picked up the stitches to begin knitting under the bust - I'll go back and finish down to the waist once I'm happy with the top section. I cast on the number of stitches indicated by my swatch but it's looking fairly large at the moment. Perhaps this is just the provisional cast-on creating mischief, but then again, perhaps it will need ripping out and starting over again. Only time will tell!

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