Wednesday, 7 November 2007

Does yarn know its own mind?

... it certainly seems to in my hands! Yesterday evening I went home and ripped out the second abortive attempt at a tank top with my baby alpaca yarn, wound it into a ball and stopped thinking. A couple of hours later, without, apparently, much input from me, this had materialised:

The base of the French Market Bag!

This was knitted on DPN's and then a circular needle and was produced in approximately a quarter of the time it had taken me to achieve similar progress on the tank top. It would seem that the yarn knew what it wanted to be and started cooperating once I had agreed with it! If the rest of the bag goes as well, I might be felting by the weekend...

NB My test swatch went into the washing machine this morning before I left for work so I don't yet know if this yarn will actually felt (it's alpaca so it should). If not, it will be back to the frog pond for a third time.

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Poshyarns said...

Oooh, lovely colour. I have been meaning to make one of those bags for ages, looking forward to seeing yours.