Friday, 9 November 2007

Oh Wow!

Have you seen the latest Interweave Knits yet? I looked at the online preview on Wednesday and within a few hours, had nipped out to K1 yarns and secured myself a copy (have to move fast on this one - it always sells out pretty quickly).

I'm not usually a bit magazine fan - I've occasionally used patterns from magazines, but mostly my patterns come from the web or books. This time though, I'm hooked!

Here are my must-make patterns (in current favourite order)...

Sweater girl pullover,

Gathered pullover,

Ive League Vest,

Celtic Tote,

Tilting Cable Socks.

This is clearly going to play havoc with my current list of potential projects, especially since I don't have the yarn for any of them. Grumph!

1 comment:

Jocerane said...

I love Gathered pullover!