Monday, 12 November 2007

Super Speedy

Well, it seems that when my yarn knows what it wants, it really knows what it wants!

The baby alpaca had itself knitted up into the French Market Bag in no time at all... in fact, it went so fast that it was in the machine being felted before I realised that I hadn't taken the 'before' shot. Never mind, suffice to say that in a short 60C cycle, it felted beautifully and shrunk by approximately 50%.

The 'after' shot shows the lovely dense texture of the felted alpaca. I'm not going to have to worry about the handles stretching or losing things through the fabric. Although the bag doesn't need it, I have decided to line it, I think that this will produce a more professional finish and I have a fantastic fabric in my stash which coordinates beautifully - more photos to follow (provided that I'm not too embarassed by lumpy lining or squint seams).

Finally, the other up side to all this - the bag only used a ball and a half of yarn so I've still got another ball and a half to play with!

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