Monday, 12 March 2007

Cat on a hot tin roof...

...or at the very least, cat on a warm lizard ridge! Give some animals an inch and they'll take a mile.

I came downstairs this morning and this was the view that greeted me. I'd piled up the squares for lizard ridge (a whole 17 of them finished and blocked now) beside the radiator and madam had obviously gone, 'Ooh - a woolly cat-sized bed for me beside a heat source. Thankyou very much!'. When I berated her for her insolence, I received a withering look.

I have little doubt that by the time I get home this evening, she'll still be in the same place, give or take a few 'cat push-ups' (getting up, stretching, turning round and laying down again).

On a knitting note, yesterday evening I... ran... out... of... yarn! Of course I'm only taking about lizard ridge yarn here, I've a spare bedroom full of the other stuff. I cast on with the left-over ends from the completed squares and got most of the way through the 18th square when I couldn't find an end to blend in, so #18 is languishing on a spare needle until more left-overs are obtained. In the nick of time, a ball of Kureyon 150 was delivered to work this afternoon so operations can be resumed. This is the last ball I had on order so I really will be having withdrawal symptoms once this one is knitted up.

Thankfully, a week's skiing here, starting on Saturday should take my mind off it for a while. We're going with another couple so I'm leaving all my knitting behind for a week to avoid tangling up a very small ski appartment. The Resident Radiologist is very sympathetic to my yarn cravings, but I'm not sure all my friends might be so understanding.

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