Friday, 30 March 2007

Tweed and Impatience

Lorna, a friend from my local knitting group came over to visit on Wednesday. She's training to be a kilt-maker and happened to have bin-bags full of off-cuts of tartan and tweed in the back of her car which she very generously let me pick through. Now, in the past I've experimented, with greater and lesser sucess, at 'free-form patchwork' something I've never been taught (not even the regular sort) and have pretty much made up as I've gone along. I think I'll be using the bulk of the off cuts for something along these lines - I can picture a beautiful tweedy patchwork bedspread in my head (though I'm not so sure about the tartan)... In the meantime, I used some of the smaller off-cuts to assemble this:

I had something along the line of the Ness corsages in mind, though I'm thinking of finishing off with either a button in the middle, or some beads, or maybe both.

On the Klaralund front, I thought I'd finished the body last night and cast off the 180 stitches on my needle. Just goes to show the havoc impatience can wreck. I then tried it on, only to discover that it's two inches too short (I have pictures taken in the mirror but am too ashamed to post them as they show clearly what a mess my bedroom is in the background). I can't bear the thought of ripping back the cast-off edge and putting the stitches back on the needle as I'm using two strands of fiddly 4 ply held together, so I'm currently planning on picking up stitches from the cast-off edge and going from there. The reason I think that this will work is that I've thrown in the occasional garter ridge for interest and there is one just before the cast off which I think will hide the picked-up stitches. Nothing ventured, nothing gained...

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