Friday, 2 March 2007

Yay - some finished objects.

Well, I seem to have gotten over my productivity hiatus, both at work and with knitting. Things still aren't flowing like usual, but progress is being made. I've also broken my yarn diet, with a couple of yummy purchases on ebay, but more on that next post.

My friend had her baby yesterday - an, as yet nameless, girl. With amazing timing, I finished the hat and sock set yesterday evening and used some left-over DB cashmerino aran to crochet a border around the cast on edges. This had the pleasing effects of stopping the 'stocking stitch roll' and making the set slightly softer looking. I'm a little worried that the hat might be on the small side - I lost the pattern and had to make it up as I went along (and I've absolutely no experience of babies), but it has a fair bit of stretch. If all else fails, it will make a lovely doll's hat. I'm off to the hospital tomorrow to visit them so will take them along then.

I've also finally got around to photographing my afterthought heel socks (and of course my cat got in on the act - she's probably the most photogenic sentient creature in our house!). I'm really pleased with these and have already worn them a couple of times. The main yarn is Opal Summer Night's Dream and the heels and toes are in merino 4 ply that I bought a kilogram of 3 years ago and am still less than half-way through. The socks might look slightly lumpy as I don't have proper sock-blockers, but am using a couple of wire coat-hangers that the resident radiologst bend into a roughly sock-shaped shape for me. I have to say that they work perfectly well, and after a wash, no-one could tell the difference anyway.

I'm back to lizard ridge this weekend, and if the light is good, I might get the camera out and get some shots of the squares I've already finished. My parents are also visiting tomorrow and my dad and the RR are going to put a new sink in our kitchen. I can't wait - I've been living with the old one (whoever thought that putting a white plastic sink in a kitchen was a good idea) for what seems like for ever.

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