Monday, 5 March 2007

Past Half-Way.

Well - after a fairly lazy Sunday, I'm past the halfway mark on my Lizard Ridge. I've knitted, steam blocked and woven the ends in on 12 blocks and am nearly finished a 13th. I've made a bit of an alteration to the pattern as written, (that phrase seems to come up a lot in my knitting don't you think...), in that I've done 5 pattern repeats per block rather than the four in the original pattern. This way, I have slightly less yarn left over per block, but the blocks are larger. This also means that if I arrange the blocks in a 6x4 array, my blanket will be quite long and skinny, so I'm begining to think that I might knit an extra block and arrange them as a 5x5 array. Either way, it will be a while before I need to think about this in earnest. I've been pinning the ball band to each block as I go along to help me keep track of the colourways I've used. I'm toying with the idea of embroidering the colour number of each block in its top corner (or possibly on the back). What do you think - would this be a nice way of keeping track of the colours for posterity, or would it just be a bit silly? I'm still undecided.

As I promised last post, here are my yarn splurges from Ebay last week. The pinkish skein is Hipknits Cashmere Sock Yarn which is going into stash for the moment, but will be destined for a pair of socks for me, and possibly something else as well as there are 700yards on the skein. The other two are Plum Knits aran weight cashmere in a lovely hand-painted autumny colourway. I have absolutley no use in mind for this yarn at the moment, I just saw it and loved it. It is beautifully soft and warm and I don't know what to do with it except look at it and occasionally stroke it. My mother has suggested that I should keep it until I can use it as a highlight on a plain garment - a collar or such which is certainly an option. Other suggestions are welcome...

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