Monday, 30 April 2007

Limited Progress

Some progress has been made on Betty over the weekend. Not much I hasten to add - the weather was wonderful and things like painting my garden fence and working in the garden seemed much more appealing than slogging on Betty.

While the physical progress has been modest - I've reached the end of the waist decreases on the back (65 rows and only 7 inches of fabric!) and am about to start the bust increases, the mental progress has been more substantial. Before the weekend, I was seriously doubting my ability to stay the course on Betty - the progress seemed so slow and the pattern never-ending. Now I've turned a corner and she seems more manageable. I think I'm going to knit a piece, put her to the side and work on something else, then knit another piece and so on. In this way, I'm hoping to have her done by the autumn. A major source of inspiration to get her done has been looking at Rebecca's finished version (scroll down a few entries) - it just looks so soft and wearable.

This does mean that I need a summer project - preferably something using Sea Silk. I've only got woolly projects on my list and need a lightweight cardi for summer. I need to have a browse about for pattern for 4-ply.

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