Wednesday, 18 April 2007


It's knitting night tonight. I love knitting night - all that coffee and those scones and the gossip... oh and of course the knitting. Now that I'm finished with the major project I promised not to mention again, I've been a lean, mean, knitting machine and finished Klaralund too. I pinned her up and tried her on last night - looked very Armani what with all the safety pins holding her together - and she fits beautifully. All that is left is the sewing up (crocheting up to be picky - have developed a definite preference for this lately) and a light blocking.

This means that I'm flat out of WIPs (how exciting).

I have a little list though... really a whopping great big list when I consider all the knitting involved... of all the patterns I've seen and want to knit, several of which I even have the yarn for.

These include:
Gloves for my sister to match her scarf and hat,
Betty from Rowan 38.
Cactus Flower from Knitty.
Tank top from Freedom Spirit.
Nantucket Jacket from Interweave.
Basil from Rowan Summer Tweed.

I'd also really like to knit or crochet a lightweight summer cardi for going over dresses (any pattern suggestions welcome!) and I need to rip back a pair of socks I knit in January and reknit the feet with smaller needles to get a better fit.

Obviously, I can prioritise some of this list: my sister won't be needing gloves again until late Autumn so they can wait, and I don't have the yarn for the Nantucket jacket so that can wait (it also looks like a lovely autumn project), but Betty, Basil and Cactus Flower are all vying for my attention. I think Betty might be first up, but she looks pretty tricky, so I might revise this idea soon...

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