Tuesday, 3 April 2007

More yarn

Look what just arrived - and I really mean just arrived... the package arrived on my desk, I opened it, photographed it and am now blogging about it in less than 10 minutes! I can't wait to get started with it - I might even have a Lizard Ridge in the process of assembly by Easter Monday.

Of course this new arrival means that Klaralund is going to be taking a back seat for a while. I'm really making progress on her now...

...this is the completed body (the colours are slightly stronger than the photo suggests and the deliniation in colour is less marked). I wound the skeins I think I'll need for the sleeves last night and started the first. I much prefer knitting in the round on DPNs rather than on a circular needle so I'm going to enjoy the sleeves more than the body. I don't know if I've mentioned this before but I hate winding skeins. I have a ball winder, but I have to take the yarn off the skein, onto the floor (where the cat insists on 'inspecting it') before I can wind it up. My birthday is coming up and my Dad is a very gifted woodworker so I'm thinking about asking for a swift to make the whole process slightly less painful.

Finally, a gratuitous couple of pictures of my garden. Spring seems to have definitely arrived in Glasgow so I got out into the garden at the weekend and tidied up, moved plants around and added some new ones.

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Poshyarns said...

Delighted to be stalked!

I love your Lizard Ridge progress, this is such a gorgeous pattern, how do you find the yarn to work with?

It is so lovely to see spring arriving, I love it when shoots begin to appear, feeds the soul.